Add Text, Image, and Link to WordPress Page

Today, I want to show you how easy it is to add text, to add an image or to add a link to a WordPress page or post. So, let’s get started.

First, you need to log into the administrative section of your WordPress installation on your hosting account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the left hand side. Let’s begin by editing the “About” page.
Just below “About,” click on “Edit.”

So, let’s say you want to insert an image. Click on the little icon above that says “Add an Image.” Now, choose a file from your computer. Once the image has uploaded, you may now fill in the necessary information. Alternate text is good if the text or image doesn’t show up for some reason and also for search engine information.

Now, choose the alignment of the picture; you may want it on the right side, left side, or center. You may also want to decrease the size of the picture or display its full size. You may choose Thumbnail, Medium, Large, or Full Size. Then, click on “Insert to Post.”

Now, to add a link to the post, you want to type in some text in there. Highlight the word or words that you want to hyperlink, click on the little chain icon, then type in the URL that you want to add. Click on the drop-down menu “Target” and you may either choose “Open Link in the Same Window” or “Open Link in a New Window.” When you choose the “Open Link in a New Window, what happens is a new browser window will open when a visitor clicks on this link. Click on “Insert” then “Update.”

So, that is how to add text, an image, or a link to a WordPress page or post

I hope that helps you out. If you have other questions and you’re a customer, feel free to submit a support ticket at

Click here for a video tutorial on how to add text, an image, or a link to your WordPress page or post.

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